Welcome to ipray4.org

“Everyone prays for something”

“Praying is really difficult – people want help to know how to pray”

“Praying is just a duty”

“I really wish I knew how to pray”

“I say the words – but is it really prayer?”

“I pray silently, my own way”

“Praying brings me peace of mind”

This was part of a discussion on ‘Prayer’ between friends, a discussion that inspired us to team up with the Elijah Interfaith Institute this site. ‘Prayer’ is the human call to that which is beyond herself. It seems everybody prays – even those of us who doubt if there is a God listening – especially, on occasions of great fear or deep gratitude. Many people fix particular times in their day for prayer. For some, prayer gives them great peace of mind; for others, it is a ritual which sometimes feels empty. Nevertheless, we continue to recite prayers in the hope and expectation that occasionally the words will pierce our souls or provide us with the answers we are seeking.

This site is dedicated to all who see their prayers as meaningful and want to share them with others. It is a site for people of all faiths or of no faith. It is established in the belief that the human emotions, desires, aspirations and fears that are common to all of us are reflected in our prayers and that we will all be strengthened from sharing them with those who come from different traditions.

This is a platform for sharing. It provides an opportunity for us to share a prayer and an opportunity for us to support others in their prayers. It also provides resources for those who are seeking the words for prayer or a form or prayer or a ritual of prayer.

We have approached some world religious leaders to contribute prayers to the site and we will continue to solicit prayers from public figures but we invite you, whoever you are and whatever your religion is, to contribute your prayer.